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Readiness Assessment: How Ready Are You for the New Lease Standard?

After FASB’s proposed delay at their April 8, 2020 meeting, the new lease standard will likely go into effect for non-public companies the fiscal year starting after December 15, 2021. That means that for many non-public companies, the effective date will be January 1, 2022.

This quick assessment will help you assess your organization’s readiness for the new lease standard. Even better, your results will include specific guidance to help you in any areas of need.

Non-public organizations: Take the quick assessment now to understand your readiness and get the essential information you need to make sure you’re on track to hit the effective date.

CPA firms: Send this quick assessment to your clients to get them thinking about the new lease standard. Ask them for a link to their score/responses, and you can provide tailored assistance based on their current state of preparation.

Take the assessment now!

Access the following resources for additional preparation for the upcoming lease standard deadline:

Want to talk through your assessment results with one of our lease accounting experts? Contact us to learn more! 

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