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Lease Accounting

Top lease accounting software solutions that increase operational efficiencies and measurably impact your bottom line.

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Simplify New Lease Standards

Put your CPA firm at the forefront of your industry with top lease accounting software solutions that offer compliance checks and updates, step-by-step wizards, email alerts for key contract dates and automated quantitative footnote disclosures.

Eliminate Version Control Issues

With LeaseCrunch you can rest assured that the lease you or your clients are working on is the most up-to-date version. Furthermore, our software automatically generates an audit trail that makes for smooth and seamless reporting.

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Designed to be Collaborative

Dual access means client-firm collaboration has never been easier. A single dashboard gives firms a universal view of all clients and LeaseCrunch enables firms to fully support their clients from data entry to getting the required deliverables without jeopardizing independence.

Be as Involved as You Want

LeaseCrunch saves time and increases accuracy whether your firm provides full-service lease accounting services or performs lease accounting audits.

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LeaseCrunch allows CPA Firms to address the biggest challenges in lease accounting presented by the new lease standard by automating the required deliverables.




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LeaseCrunch Verify is designed to use with clients who have utilized a solution other than LeaseCrunch to do their lease accounting.




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