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Built to help CPA firms and their clients simplify the new lease standard

Clients expect their CPA firm to have a deep knowledge of new accounting standards and to provide guidance upon implementation. Exceed your clients' expectations with LeaseCrunch by providing them with a full solution to implement the new lease standard whether they have one or thousands of leases. LeaseCrunch also provides your firm a differentiator in the marketplace to penetrate new clients or sell into existing non-audit clients.

Designed to be collaborative

LeaseCrunch is created with client-firm collaboration in mind. Dashboards give firms a universal view across all their clients, and workflows enable firms to fully support their clients from data entry to journal entry without jeopardizing independence. Clients have full control of whether the firm can access their lease portfolio for implementation or audit purposes.

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Achieve economies of scale

LeaseCrunch is designed to be easy, fast, and efficient for both firms and their clients. Firms face challenges during audits that erode margins, which includes accessing disparate systems, reviewing spreadsheets for accuracy, and tying everything together.

By reducing the number of hours required for an audit and by standardizing your client base with a single lease accounting solution, your firm can gain substantial operational efficiencies with a measurable impact on your bottom line.

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Branded for your firm

Itʼs your client relationship and you deserve the credit for identifying and delivering the value you bring. We make it easy for your clients to see LeaseCrunch as your lease accounting solution with the optional ability to add your firm’s name and logo onto the software and supporting collateral. LeaseCrunch also provides educational content and a landing page to which you can direct your clients for more information about the standard and solution.

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LeaseCrunch allows CPA Firms to address the biggest challenges in the new lease standard while automating the required deliverables.

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LeaseCrunch Verify is designed to use with clients who have utilized a solution other than LeaseCrunch to do their lease accounting.

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