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Group 138@2x

Lease Accounting, Automated

Simplify compliance with LeaseCrunch

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The Easiest Lease Accounting Software on the Market

LeaseCrunch is an easy-to-use software that addresses the biggest challenges of the new lease standard while automating the required deliverables.



Cost effective for even one lease. See how much time you could save here.

Group 1537


Export data into spreadsheets so you can import into any ERP. 

Group 1534


Compliant with standards ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87, GASB 94 and GASB 96.

Group 1536


Faster implementation with a streamlined interface, in-app tool tips, and guidance.


How To Get Started

“When researching different solutions, LeaseCrunch stood out because the workflow was simple and easy to follow, the implementation time was much faster, and they offer a help document to assist on the technical side. They also have several accountants and CPAs on staff to answer questions and help with unique situations. Overall, very happy with the product.”

Group 1463

- Julie W. Controller, Non-Profit Organization Management



Group 1461@2xLive and on-demand training

Group 1461@2xStaff experts in the software and standards

Group 1461@2xKnowledge Base full of how-tos, tips and insight

Group 1461@2xIn-app wizards for determining classifications and terms

Group 1461@2xBest practice and getting started guides


Group 1461@2xASC 842

Group 1461@2xIFRS 16

Group 1461@2xGASB 87

Group 1461@2xGASB 96





Group 1461@2xAudit trails

Group 1461@2xRole-based access

Group 1461@2xSOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II completion

Group 1461@2xSingle sign on (SSO)



Group 1461@2xJournal entries

Group 1461@2xAmortization schedules

Group 1461@2xFootnote disclosures




Get Started in 4 Simple Steps:

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Group 1539Group 1531


Create and set up admin account

Invite staff or clients and assign user roles 

Group 1540Group 1531

Group 1541

Configure policies and enter lease data

Generate reports with the push of a button

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Group 1538Group 1531

Create and set up administrative account/s.

Group 1539Group 1531

Invite users to LeaseCrunch, giving them either user, administrator, or read only access.

Group 1540Group 1531

Administrative accounts can configure policies and set up reporting entity, select accounting standard, initial appllication date, etc


Group 1541Group 1531

Let the efficient and error-free lease accounting begin!

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CPA Firm Use Cases for LeaseCrunch

LeaseCrunch can be used independently or collaboratively with clients


Full Service

An accounting firm may choose to leverage LeaseCrunch and be the sole users of this software. This way all work for a client's lease accounting is done by the CPA firm.

Dual Access

Your CPA firm can invite their clients to use LeaseCrunch to enter their lease information with you. Both you and the client have access to the account and can generate the required reports. 

DIY Clients

Clients create their own accounts in LeaseCrunch and enter in their lease information. Once entered, the client generates the required reports and can remove firm access.