What you can expect:

During your 1-hour demo, our accounting expert will provide
you with:

  1. Recommendations around simplifying the new lease standard for your clients

  2. A view inside the software, including how to easily handle journal entries, amortization schedules, and quantitative footnote disclosures

  3. Details on ease-of-use, scalability, pricing, client collaboration, and answers to any questions you have

Start your free trial!

Once your brief demo is complete, you’re ready to begin your free trial. Create your own test account and invite your clients to enter their data to experience just how easy it is to use LeaseCrunch.

Your free trial includes:

  • Full access to the test environment, with all the functionality of the live environment
  • Option to invite clients to test collaboration functionality
  • Your own dedicated account—no sharing with other trial users
  • Privacy and security so that clients can enter their own lease information