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Following Government Accounting Standards Has Never Been Easier


Lease accounting software that simplifies GASB 87, GASB 94 and GASB 96.

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Improve GASB 87, GASB 94 and GASB 96 Implementation

Knowing the ins and outs of the government lease accounting standards is no longer needed when working with LeaseCrunch. Our software complies with GASB 87, GASB 94 and GASB 96, making lease accounting easier.

LeaseCrunch comes with unlimited users, unlimited storage, key contract date notifications and accurate reporting. Whether you have one or thousands of leases, it is comprehensive and cost effective.

Reduce The Risk of Spreadsheets

Our software handles all lease accounting calculations that can be complicated and error-prone when done with spreadsheets, such as modifications and remeasurements. With LeaseCrunch, simply download all our reporting into a spreadsheet, including footnote disclosures, amortization schedules, and journal entries. Plus, our software lets you run amortization schedules for any combination of leases with subtotals by fiscal year so you can easily reconcile the balance sheet and P&L.

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Improve Time To Audit

Audits can be long and complicated, but with LeaseCrunch, government entities can review and compare key lease data to contracts stored in LeaseCrunch by exporting all inputs entered into the software. All entries and changes are captured in audit trails, which can also be exported for review. Extensive reporting capabilities in the Reports Center provide the quantitative calculations you need directly into spreadsheets for your convenience.

Understanding GASB 96:
Subscription-Based IT Arrangements (SBITA)


Covering GASB 96, what counts as a SBITA, and how to account for these types of arrangements.



GASB 62 to GASB 87: A Side-By-Side Financial Statement Impact


A side-by-side view of leases before and after the new standard.




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