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LeaseCrunch Makes it Easier for CPA firms to Help Clients with Lease Standard

New feature allows greater flexibility, collaboration and security with client accounts


 LeaseCrunch, a cloud-based lease accounting software company, announced a new product feature: Client Account Access Control (CAAC). This feature allows CPA firms greater collaboration with their clients who have enabled Single Sign-On for LeaseCrunch.

The LeaseCrunch solution is designed for CPA firms to help their clients comply with new lease accounting standards. LeaseCrunch enables CPA firms to manage its clients and their leases in one location. CAAC allows CPA firm administrators to restrict client account access to select staff users or groups. As a result, firm employees will only view and access their assigned client accounts, further simplifying the experience in the software.

"After working and speaking with hundreds of CPA firms, including more than 20 percent of the top 400 as ranked by Inside Public Accounting, Client Account Access Control was created to provide CPA firms an even better way to facilitate collaboration between the firms and their clients. Client Account Access Control allows firms to serve their customers better, faster and easier," said Timothy Kohler, Chief Product Officer.

Time is running out for privately-held organizations who have yet to adopt the required changes in how they account for leased offices, vehicles, equipment and tools. The fast-approaching deadlines of the 2022 fiscal year leaves companies only months or even weeks to meet the new accounting standards.

"CPA firms who have clients that have yet to start making these changes are faced with lots of work and time is running out to complete it," Kohler said. "Our software buys CPA firms and their customers valuable time by turning days' worth of work into hours or even minutes."

About LeaseCrunch

LeaseCrunch offers simple, automated lease accounting software that expedites the time needed to implement, transition, account for, and maintain leases in compliance with new lease accounting standards: ASC 842, GASB 87, GASB 96, and IFRS 16. Learn more at www.leasecrunch.com.

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