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How Do I Create Fanatical Customers?

“With LeaseCrunch® being software-as-a-service, we rarely have the opportunity to meet our clients in person. Earlier this month was an exception, when we traveled to San Diego to speak about the new lease accounting standard at one of our clients’ conferences. This client was using a different technology solution before they found us and yet seemed eager to switch to LeaseCrunch®."

“I assumed it was due to our superior technology (of course!) and the client agreed that is a big factor. But to my surprise, equally important is that they believe we care about solving their problems. ‘I was on the phone for three hours with our current technology (provider) and he was too busy defending his software to solve my problem. Every time we talk to you, you welcome feedback and we work together to find an answer or you agree to make an enhancement.'"

“In other words, it’s not about doing everything right, it is about how we deal with problems when they occur. What a powerful reminder for us!” 

Originally appeared in the BizTimes.