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Top 20 CPA Firm Customer Acquisitions & Product Features Drive Growth

LeaseCrunch, a cloud-based lease accounting software company, today announced major growth this quarter led by the acquisition of two Inside Public Accounting Top 20 CPA firm customers and new product features that continue to make it easy for CPA firms to help clients implement the lease accounting standard.

“We are overjoyed to welcome two top 20 firms to our client roster,” said Ane Ohm, LeaseCrunch CEO. “The company has been focused on showing CPA firms the value in providing simple lease accounting solutions to their clients, and these two firms will be part of leading the way for the rest of the industry.” 

LeaseCrunch recently added features to the LeaseCrunch platform that provide CPA firms additional options for managing client accounts:

  • Product Selection: A firm can set up a client account to account for all of a client's leases (LeaseCrunch) or to audit a sample of a client's leases (LeaseCrunch Verify).
  • Direct Billing: LeaseCrunch can now directly bill your clients, which can be selected by the CPA firm inside the software while setting up a client account. 

“LeaseCrunch was specifically designed to help CPA firms and their clients simplify the new lease standard whether they have one lease or thousands of leases," said Timothy Kohler, Chief Product Officer at LeaseCrunch. “We remain dedicated to continuously innovating and creating new ways to provide CPA firms a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solution for implementing the new lease accounting standard.” 

In addition to customer growth and the new product features, LeaseCrunch has a 99 percent retention rate among its customers, solidifying the ease-of-use, cost effectiveness and accuracy of using LeaseCrunch for lease accounting.