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LeaseCrunch Announces Preparing for the Next Phase: Ensuring Success

LeaseCrunch LLC, a leading accounting software company, today announced its upcoming webinar “Preparing for the Next Phase: Ensuring Long-Term Lease Accounting Success.” This webinar, taking place on August 23 at 1:00 p.m. CDT, will explore the crucial steps to prepare for the next chapter of ASC 842 lease accounting implementation.

Led by Jess Vento, senior director of accounting at LeaseCrunch, participants will gain valuable insights and strategies to ensure extended success in lease accounting. The webinar will delve into optimization of year two and how to navigate potential roadblocks, compliance and efficiency to ensure an accurate and streamlined process and long-term planning and strategy to build a sustainable lease accounting framework for the future.

“We are looking forward to bringing this webinar to the public,” states Vento. “At LeaseCrunch, we are committed to providing our customers with the tools and insights to ensure long-term lease accounting success. The purpose of this webinar is to cover all the steps that attendees should follow to create proper lease accounting practices and prepare for future challenges.”

Additionally, LeaseCrunch will be presenting with strategic alliance partners on webinars throughout August and September, including with:

  • AGN International on August 1 in “GASB 96: Understanding SBITAs”
  • LEA Global on August 8 in “Implementing GASB 96: Best Practices for SBITAs”
  • CPAmerica on August 15 in “Navigating the Next Stage: Best Practices for Lease Accounting Post-Implementation”
  • AGN International on August 22 in “The Next Hurdle: Day Two for Lease Accounting”
  • Moore North America on August 29 in “Navigating GASB 96: Key Insights into Accounting and Reporting for Subscription-Based IT Arrangements”
  • Allinial Global on September 5 in “GASB 96 Compliance: Strategies for Successful SBITA Implementation”

To register for LeaseCrunch’s August 23 webinar, visit https://www.leasecrunch.com/preparing-for-the-next-phase/.


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