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In the News: Vendor Spotlight: LeaseCrunch

In the realm of accounting, managing leases can be an exacting task. With ever-evolving standards and the pressing need for accuracy, many accountants have sought refuge in complex spreadsheets to stay compliant. While this may hold the line for a while, it also mires teams in manual processes and creates opportunities for human error, where even a simple typo can have cascading effects. 


LeaseCrunch, based in Milwaukee, was developed specifically in reaction to these issues, having been founded in the wake of the Financial Accounting Standards Board completing its lease standard and realizing that software will likely be needed to track all the necessary information. LeaseCrunch provides customers with a streamlined lease accounting solution made specifically for CPA firms and their clients, with the software designed to foster collaboration between the two as they maintain compliance with not just ASC 842 but other standards such as GASB 87, GASB 94, GASB 96 and IFRS 16 as well. 

LeaseCrunch CEO and co-founder Ane Ohm discussed her company's recent developments as well as some of its future plans with Accounting Today.


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