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LeaseCrunch Data Entry Partner Simplifies GASB 96 Implementation for CPA Firms and their Clients

LeaseCrunch LLC, a leading accounting software company, today announces its strategic partnership with RE BackOffice, an innovative technology company specializing in contract abstraction and data entry. This collaboration alleviates the burden faced by CPA firms in entering and managing clients’ Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITAs), while also providing a seamless experience utilizing LeaseCrunch's lease accounting solution. The collaboration offers CPA firms a way to ease clients’ challenges presented by GASB 96.


Through this partnership, LeaseCrunch has provided comprehensive training to RE BackOffice's team on LeaseCrunch and the relevant accounting standards. This ensures that CPA firms experience minimal ramp-up time, allowing them to quickly utilize the combined solution and service offering for GASB 96 compliance.

"We understand firms have little extra time to support clients with administrative tasks like abstracting contracts and entering them into LeaseCrunch.” said Ane Ohm, LeaseCrunch CEO. “By partnering with RE BackOffice, we are delighted to offer an additional layer of support to our CPA firm users, providing them with the relief they need to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients."

Key benefits of the LeaseCrunch and RE BackOffice partnership include:

  • Flexible Support for CPA Firms: RE BackOffice, is ready to assist CPA firms and their clients with arrangement abstraction and data entry, providing as much or as little help as required. This empowers CPA firms to prioritize their clients' needs and tailor the level of support according to their unique requirements.
  • Time and Resource Savings: By delegating GASB 96-related administrative tasks to RE BackOffice, CPA firms can save valuable time and resources, allowing them to concentrate on higher-value client services.
  • Scalability: The combined solution caters to firms of all sizes, accommodating growing business needs with ease while addressing the unique challenges of GASB 96.

This partnership offers the LeaseCrunch and RE BackOffice solution as an optional add-on to the LeaseCrunch platform, providing firms with access to additional support when needed.