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LeaseCrunch Adds Reports Center to Software

This press release was originally published in Insightful Accountant.

Accounting software company LeaseCrunch has added a new Reports Center to its software. This latest enhancement shows the company’s continued commitment to providing updates to meet new industry requirements and make managing leases easier.

With the Reports Center, users can store key report insights, along with the actual exported reports for a period of 45 days, providing a short-term repository. In addition, multiple reports can be downloaded at the same time so users can continue working while the reports are being generated, allowing for better productivity and report recall for audit and analysis.

Ane Ohm, co-founder and CEO of LeaseCrunch, says the company is looking forward to delivering the latest functionality to its lease accounting software. “We are committed to working with our customers to ensure they have the right tools at their disposal to help them be as productive as possible. This Reports Center does just that...allows them to access reports easier and quicker as well as saves them for future use.”

In addition to the new Reports Center, the company has released updates within the amortization schedule export. These updates provide more detailed data sets for users, create consistency between standard guidelines and enable users to reconcile accounts in less time.

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